Starting a saving is important before thinking about investing. In this post, Marco Go gives you advice on how to organize before starting it.


We already know that a part of the salary should always be reserved for investments

We already know that a part of the salary should always be reserved for investments

Who has a well-structured financial planning knows that a minimum of 10% of the salary for investment is a rule that should not be broken. The problem is when the situation is complicated and we have to use our reservation to get out of trouble. At the moment two thoughts go through the head: “so much time to finish everything in a matter of minutes, and the need for money that urges us.”

I have mentioned in other texts about the importance of having a reserve for emergencies. This feature is designed for contingencies and should be applied to investment products that have good liquidity, such as savings. Financial planning in this resource must be prioritized, that is, we first create the emergency fund and then think about medium and long-term investments.


Idea of ​​long-term thinking

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This is a little applied philosophy because there is always an idea of ​​long-term thinking. There is another problem associated with debt reduction – or cancellation. In part, I disagree with this point of view, since with well-structured planning you can obtain the maximum credit for the purchase of goods without incurring the risk of default.

The idea for this ideology to work is that there are two plans: one in the short term – annual period – and another in the long term – with a maximum of five years. First, you should focus on spending, that is, planning how to use your resources. Second, there has to be an investment vision, that is, the goals that contemplate the capital increase. Remember that the second planning depends on the first. Therefore, there has to be a part of the revenue that goes to investments that offer a higher return – respecting your investment profile. But before you start investing your money, create your reserve fund, financial peace of mind and your future will thank you.

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